100 Best Online Business Ideas in Pakistan (2021)

Marketing in Pakistan March 25, 2020 by Muhammad Ali Shaikh

Introduction (Why to read this guide)

  • Online Business Ideas for Pakistan is an effort to educate Pakistanis.
  • If you search on Google ‘Online Business Ideas’ you will find many articles.
  • But, not every type of online business works.
  • Many people in Pakistan do not have expert level E-Commerce and Digital Media knowledge.
  • Starting a business without proper education, training, and without asking a consultant is a disaster.
  • Many Pakistanis have lost their money because they did not do the planning and never took advice from a consultant.
  • We have worked with 1200+ Pakistani and International clients since 2003.
  • This article is an attempt to educate and guide our Pakistanis brothers and sisters how to do business properly and to share our experience with them.

Why Do Online Business in Pakistan

Doing business in Pakistan is always regarded as a difficult job – especially when it is an online/digital marketing business. 

It is said to be tough because it involves many difficulties and sometimes very hard jobs.
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But, having an online business has now become very important, especially if you want to capture the growing digital market.

Undoubtedly, Pakistan has a huge potential in the online business world.

Like many people, you can also run a successful online business in Pakistan. 

If you think you are good at something and can sell something better digitally, you can always do a huge online business in Pakistan.

You just have to set up an online website and have to market it socially, you can always get huge local customers using this online channel.

Online Business Challenges for Pakistan

At first, you will see many challenges in doing online business in Pakistan. 

People here generally don’t know about the online world, which is why you have to sometimes remain patient with this scenario.

Moreover, these people sometimes do not take your online services seriously, and as a result you get a tough time in the market.

Most of the people say that online business doesn’t have much scope, but that is totally wrong.

You have to always make perception of the people suitable for your online business, so that you can bring business from the market.

So, after doing it all, if you can operate successfully in the online market, that’s a big achievement, and a sign that you will grow big in the future.

Word of Caution for Pakistanis

Most of the Pakistanis stay away from online businesses due to scam. 

Also, there are many of them who do not believe in this business, saying that there are number of scammers running websites in the market. 

So, if you are doing an online business or are going to consult anyone for it, always beware of the scammers that are operative in the market.

You must have to be fully aware of the faulty people who are running fake websites in the market, and have to choose websites very wisely.

It is because of these people, your own online business can get affected, as people do not show trust in the online websites very easily.

Therefore, be cautious and always offer authentic online services, so that people can trust you and your business easily.

Starting Business? Need Help?

Best Online Business Ideas For Pakistanis

1. Sell Home Cooked Food Online

The Idea: To sell home cooked fresh food online to office employees and factory workers.

Opportunity: There is a huge demand for Home Cooked Food. There are millions of people who work in offices, factories and on shops and most of them do not carry lunchbox with them. Can you see the demand gap here? They all need health, fresh and home cooked food. But, they cannot afford high prices and they also want tasty food. If you are good at cooking you can market your Home Cooked Food.

Profit Margin: There is 2X margin in food business. If you become a brand that margin can be like KFC and McDonald i.e. 4X.

The Challenge:

  1. You must be good in cooking.
  2. Must cook daily fresh food and a new dish everyday.
  3. Need to buy food supplies
  4. Setup order supply system.


  1. Need money for setting up commercial kitchen
  2. Need to learn new dishes
  3. Market it properly to get orders.

Pakistani Clients Examples:

  1. HomeChef Pakistan
  2. AQ Meal
  3. Zainab Homemade Food
  4. Lunch Pakistan
  5. Madihas Kitchen
  6. Zaiqa Meal

How to Start:

  1. Make plan on a paper.
  2. Do budgeting
  3. Find a place to start
  4. Market before you start cooking

Expert Tips:

  1. Keep your cooking place clean
  2. Get permission from local authorities
  3. Market it in a style to beat competitors
  4. Brand your packaging


  1. ZVMG Rangoonwala Trust
  2. Memon Community Center
  3. Mega Digital Media University
  4. MasterClass Pakistan
  5. Karachi Institute Of Culinary Arts

Starting Business? Need Help?

2. Sell Children Clothes Online

The Idea: To sell children clothes online.

Opportunity: One of the best businesses is to sell Children clothes online. Why? Because children are born daily. In every Pakistani home there are on average 2 to 6 children. Everyone loves children and wants new clothes for them. So, there is big demand for children clothes.

Profit Margin: There is a very good profit margin in selling children’s clothes (2X to 4X) online. Also, if you check our Facebook page you will find clients who are doing sales of over Rs. 1,000,000 per month just doing online selling of children’s clothes.

The Challenge:

  1. How to find which products to sell?
  2. From where to get the products?
  3. Which product is the best?
  4. How to sell online?


  1. Research time to find good products.
  2. Some money to buy clothes (you can buy on credit too).
  3. Learn advance practical techniques to market online to target customers.

Pakistani Clients Examples:

  1. Zubaidas Baby Shop
  2. Mothercare
  3. Chase Value Center
  4. Maya Closet
  5. Bachaa Party
  6. My Baby Shop

How to Start:

  1. Take advice from a good business and marketing consultant.
  2. Discuss your strengths and weakness with your adviser.
  3. Make budgeting under supervision.
  4. Start slow and with guidance move further.

Expert Tips:

  1. Never invest your all money in the business.
  2. Hire someone who have good knowledge of children fashion, coloring parents psychology.
  3. Take some designing and e-commerce courses to increase your knowledge.


  1. ZVMG Rangoonwala Trust
  2. Memon Community Center
  3. PHMA Institute of Knitwear Technology Karachi
  4. Memon Industrial & Technical Institute
  5. Pakistan Bedwear Designing & Training Institute
  6. Karachi School of Textile and Fashion Design
  7. Mega Digital Media University

Sell Children Clothes Online, Today.

Online Presentation Design (PowerPoint, etc.)

The Idea: To provide online presentation designs.

Opportunity: A lot of companies require presentation designs for their day to day projects. They are always looking for such people who can build creative presentations of PowerPoint, Slideshare etc. Hence, if you are good at these, you can find a lot of online work in it.

Profit Margin: There is a lot of profit margin in this freelance job. You can find multiple types of presentation works on freelancing websites. So, you can earn $10-$15 per project, directly meaning hundreds of dollars per month just sitting at home.

The Challenge:

  1. Where to find presentation designing jobs?
  2. How to find appropriate clients?
  3. How to build creative presentation designs?
  4. Which software to use?


  1. Appropriate research time to find creative designs.
  2. Learn presentation designing skills on particular software like PowerPoint etc.

Pakistani Clients Example

  • Wisdompad
  • Mega Marketing Network

How to Start:

  1. Consult with someone who is already doing presentation designing.
  2. Get good learning about the presentation designing before starting.
  3. Learn about software like PowerPoint, ZohoShow etc.
  4. Take Virtual Assistant Certification course from Mega Digital University.

Expert Tips:

  1. Finalize presentation concept before starting.
  2. Research Google for best possible guides.
  3. Always try to make presentations visually more creative.

Online Tutoring, Teaching and Coaching

The idea: To take online classes and teach students online.

Opportunity: Online classes and tutoring are one of the most profitable business over the internet. Also, there are millions of students who want to take online classes sitting in their home. So, it is quite beneficial for those who are expert in certain subjects and can provide online classes.

Profit Margin: Taking online classes are quite profitable and provides thousands of students over the internet. There are many people who are earning $50 to $100 per subject, meaning that they are making thousands of dollars per month.

The Challenge:

  1. Where to take online classes?
  2. Which software should you use to take online classes?
  3. Poor internet connection issues.
  4. How to market your online classes business?


  1. You just need to have expert knowledge of certain subjects.
  2. Have to make a proper syllabus which you want to cover.
  3. Have to install a good internet connection to take online classes.

Pakistani Clients Example:

  1. Mega Digital University
  2. Virtual University

How to Start:

  1. To start online classes, you just need to have the right knowledge of particular subjects.
  2. Take assistance from someone who is already offering online classes in Pakistan.
  3. Setup a complete structure like classroom, and sessions in which you take different classes.

Expert Tips:

  1. Always consult with someone who is in this field for a very long time.
  2. Prepare a complete syllabus first and then start session-based classes.
  3. Make a batch of 10-15 students in one online class, manage others in the second.


  1. Virtual University
  2. Mega Digital University

Online SAT Preparation

The Idea: To take online SAT preparation classes.

Opportunity: Many people want to build their career in SAT, as it provides one of the highest paid jobs in the market. So, if you are a SAT professional, then you can provide its online classes to a number of students, earning handsome money every month.

Profit Margin: There is a huge potential in the SAT online classes. So, you can not only find a number of students for it, but also can earn thousands in a single month. According to a survey, a SAT preparation course costs around 40K-50K, meaning multiple lacs to earn easily.

The Challenge:

  1. How to find SAT students?
  2. How to setup right online class environment?
  3. Have to be fully aware of the changing SAT exams?


  1. Must need to have good knowledge about SAT.
  2. Have to set up a right online class environment.

Pakistani Clients Example:

  1. Sir Yousuf Institute
  2. Anees Hussain Institute
  3. Nadeem Arain Institute
  4. Arif Rafay Institute

How to Start:

  1. Setup a proper SAT syllabus
  2. Arrange session based classes for students.
  3. Prepare right online class structure

Expert Tips:

  1. Always consult first with a SAT professional before starting.
  2. Make the right course budget for students.
  3. Be expert in every topic and section of SAT preparation.


  1. Zawiya Institute for SAT Preparation.
  2. KITE Institute
  3. Sir Shiraz Academy

Online College Application Review

The idea: To review student applications for colleges and universities abroad.

Opportunity: This business has tremendous potential because every year thousands of students take admission in colleges. For that, they need to prepare applications appropriately and then submit them. You can grab this opportunity and can become their consultant.

Profit Margin: If set up properly, the business has a lot of profit margin. Because every year thousands of students enroll in colleges, meaning that you can earn 4X every year in application consultation.

The Challenge:

  1. Must have knowledge of each college application.
  2. Should be aware of the grades to qualify.
  3. Have to market this application consultation business properly.


  1. Have to set up an office where students can visit.
  2. Have to build a reputation in the market.

Pakistani Clients Example:

  1. HR Pakistan
  2. Times Consultant
  3. Study Abroad
  4. Vision Pakistan
  5. AINIT
  6. Sun Education

How to Start:

  1. Setup proper guidelines about application review.
  2. Do budgeting about the office.
  3. Do marketing of your business on social media.

Expert Tips:

  1. Educate students about the right way how to fill applications.
  2. Get a consultation from those who are already in the business.
  3. Must have detailed knowledge about each college application.

Productivity Coaching

The idea: Provide self productivity coaching.

Opportunity: A lot of students always look for such courses which can improve their productivity. You can offer those students the right productivity enhancement classes and can earn a good amount of money.

Profit Margin: There is a huge profit margin in this business. Many people want to take such courses and are willing to pay suggested fees for it. This includes all ages of people including both men and women.

The Challenge:

  1. Have to properly market your business in the community.
  2. Have to find appropriate students for it.
  3. Have to provide the right courses for each individual.


  1. Have to set up your online channel.
  2. Must need to have proper knowledge about how to enhance productivity.

How to Start:

  1. First, consult with the professional person who is in this business.
  2. Prepare the right productivity coaching classes for students.
  3. Market your consultation business properly.

Expert Tips:

  1. Prepare personalized coaching classes for special cases.
  2. Try to bring live world ideas in coaching.
  3. Prepare the right fee structure so that everyone can join.

Accounting / Bookkeeping

The idea: Provide professional accounting and bookkeeping services.

Opportunity: A lot of companies these days are looking to hire a professional accounting consultant for their businesses. Also, you can grab this opportunity and can provide them the right bookkeeping services easily.

Profit Margin: This business has a lot of profit margin, as you will work for the corporate companies that will offer you a handsome salary per month.

The Challenge:

  1. How to find companies that require accounting consultants?
  2. Which software to use for accounting?
  3. How to find international customers for the job?


  1. Must need to have right accounting knowledge.
  2. Must need to be perfect with Microsoft Excel and other software.
  3. Should be willing to learn new accounting processes.

Pakistani Clients Example:

  1. The Accountant Plus
  2. AIMS Associates
  3. Accounts Tax Sol
  4. Taheri Consultant
  5. S & R Chartered Accountants

How to Start:

  1. Try to market your accounting services socially first.
  2. Build the right skills to work with corporate businesses.
  3. Get complete command on Microsoft Excel and other accounting software.

Expert Tips:

  1. Always take guidance from the professional accountants in the industry.
  2. Try to learn every day about new bookkeeping processes.
  3. Make weekly and monthly sheets to track records easily.


  1. Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan
  2. Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Pakistan
  3. ACCA
  4. CIMA

3. Fitness Consultancy

If you are good at maintaining body fitness, then you can earn thousands by offering online fitness consultancy courses.

It is really easy and gives you a good amount of money just by sharing your fitness knowledge with others.

So, you just have to set up a website or a social channel where you can conduct online classes and that’s it, you can earn thousands of money using it within just months.

Also, it is one of the growing trend these days, as many fitness trainers are regularly organizing their online consultancy lectures to grow their audience.

So, if you have done bodybuilding and fitness training ever, you too could start an online fitness consultancy easily and can grow your followings in the community.

In the online courses, you can guide people about what to eat, how to gym daily, and other key facts that can help them maintain a fit body.

Meanwhile, always remember to consult anyone who is already offering an online fitness consultancy, as he can help you with certain key points in starting online fitness courses.

4. Transcription Services

If you are good at voiceover, you can certainly offer professional online transcription services.

There are many people who want a good voiceover man for their products or their services, and you can be the one for that.

So, you just have to convert speeches into the manual script or into an electronic text, that is how easy online transcription services are easy.

Also, You can find a number of customers online who want to get an electronic voice over for their product, and you could be their consultant.

Meanwhile, before starting transcription services, always consult with anyone who is in the industry for a long time.

A person who is offering transcription services can help you choose the right path, how to start such services rightly.

In addition, it is really easy and can earn you thousands of money just by doing a simple voice-over for customers.

5. Courier Services

Local courier services is a highly profitable business these days. 

You just have to find a person who is ready to deliver goods as per the requirements. 

Also, You can set up these online courier services easily with a web portal, where you can get all the courier orders from the customers.

The business is quite cost-effective and requires lesser investment.

But before starting such courier services, always consult with anyone who is already offering courier services in the city, as he can guide you with valuable knowledge about the business.

It’s a pretty good online business that can quickly grow once the courier orders start getting increased.  

Moreover, it can also allow you to expand it later to food delivery, clothing delivery, and other similar sections using the same platform.

6. Cooking / Personal Chef

If you are good at cooking or your partner can make delicious dishes, you can certainly start this wonderful online cooking business easily.

You just have to set up an online website or a social media channel where you can take orders from the customers.

That is how easy it is.

This online business is really very good and simple to work with.

You just have to prepare your best dishes at home, and take orders online.

Also, this can make you earn huge profits by just sitting at home and get instant daily orders.

But, still, remember to always take advice from the one who is already offering online cooking services.


Because the people who are already offering these online cooking services can help you get valuable knowledge about the business.

So, always consult with the best possible person and then finalize the services to get the right online cooking orders and results.

7. Technical Writing

If you belong from a technical background and can write an appropriate article about that, this online field is waiting for you.

So, the technical writing is also quite demandable these days, as more and more customers want their academic work done by the top professionals.

It’s pretty simple!

You just have to write from home on given technical topics, and earn thousands of money with it.

There are many technical topics on which you can write about.

Also, it can be about web development, database programming, Linux techniques, and more others.

There are a number of tech fields in which you can write articles and earn decent money every month.

8. Small Business Marketing

Small business marketing is another field where you can excel quickly over the internet.

There are a lot of customers available in the market looking for online business marketing.

So, you can provide them valuable business marketing services on social media and other related channels.

So, you just need to have a good social media presence and a fine marketing technique to work with.

You can certainly earn millions with it and can also set up your digital marketing agency as well.

That depends on all your hard work and a good market presence, you can certainly create a buzzing name in the market.

Meanwhile also remember to consult with someone who is well-versed in this field as well, someone who can guide you through the professional norms of online marketing.

This could only help you to get better in the field and produce required marketing results for the clients.

9. Proofreading / Editing

If you are good at English and can proofread articles easily, this online business is surely made for you.

Also, there are a lot of customers out there who want to hire professional and good English writers to proofread and edit their content.

You just need to have a good grasp of English and that’s all!

So, you can certainly write and edit different articles per day, and earn easy money through it every month.

Indeed, it is a very good online business for those who have done Bachelors/Masters in English or have a good command of it.

You can get multiple local as well as international clients who are ready to pay you huge money just to proofread and edit their articles perfectly.

But still, keep remembering to always consult with the one who is already in this freelance business.

In addition, the people who are already offering such services can help you to find the right clients and can guide you with insights about how to work with international clients.

10. Business Writing 

Just like general article writing, if you are good at preparing professional business plans, grants, white papers, proposals, and more, this field is also open for you.

In fact, in this online business writing, you will get orders from the bigger corporate companies and more international clients.

So, many of the customers who do not know how to make correct business proposals and similar papers, need good English writers like you to do the job.

Also, you can easily make those people regular clients, as most of them require business writing services regularly,

Once you get orders from the vast market of international clients, your name will automatically get known among the customers.

Also, this will bring more clients to you and will help you earn hundreds of dollars every month.

It’s quite easy, you just have to sit at home and write some professional business papers, that’s it!

11. Video Production / Video Editing

Video production is one of the hottest online business fields in Pakistan.

There are not many professional video artists working in Pakistan, making a huge vacancy of it in the country.

But, if you are good at video production, editing, and modeling, then you can get thousands of local as well as international clients for it.

So, if you have a good command of Adobe Premiere CC, Pinnacle Studio, Filmora, and more others, you can do a huge online business in Pakistan.

Also, there are a number of TV production channels and social media profiles available out there that require professional video artists for their businesses.

And you can be one of them!

Moreover, you can find freelance work for it on many online platforms.

Also, you can find a number of local and international clients there who are just looking for good video artists to take care of their work.

12. Graphic Designing

Graphic designing is yet again one of the most demandable online jobs in Pakistan.

It has a vast market and a number of clients available in both Pakistan and abroad.

You just need to have a sound and good command on top graphic designing software like Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, and others.

Having command over them, you can easily design brochures, business cards, logos, newsletters, and others at your fingertips.

Also, there is a lot of work available for it in Pakistan, and you just have to grab it.

Meanwhile, always remember to get a good consultation about graphic designing from anyone who is professional in this field.

If you want to learn about its course, get an admission in a good institute which can help you learn graphic designing in detail.

Once you get the right skills to become a graphic designer, you can easily get a number of clients on many freelancing websites. 

Also, graphic designers are definitely one of the hottest demands in the market, and hence you can be one of them to earn thousands with it.

13. Blogging / Blog Consulting

Blogging is quickly becoming one of the most demanded online business trends all over the world.

In Pakistan, there is also a growing trend about blogging, as more and more people are establishing their own blogs.

So, what should you need to have to become a blogger?

Good English writing skills, and that’s all!

If you are good at English and can write on different types of topics quickly, then you can easily become a successful blogger in Pakistan.

Also, setting up a website for blogging is quite easy.

You just need to have little knowledge of WordPress and that’s it, you can successfully establish your own blog as well.

So, once you become a good blogger, people will start to know your name on the web and then you’ll automatically start getting different freelance blogging orders on the web.

14. Sports / Personal Training

A lot of athletes these days require personal training to stay fit and strong.

So, if you have ever done bodybuilding and have good knowledge of fitness training, you can certainly establish a good online fitness training business.

Also, most of the sports personalities are always looking to hire a personal trainer, who can guide them daily about fitness.

So, if you think you are a good fitness trainer, do establish your online channel or website where people can find you.

It is generally a very high paying online business, as sports fitness trainers are always hired on handsome salaries.

Moreover, when you will get hundreds of clients, you can easily train them all using the online video channel.

Also, many sports personalities like to train in their home, and thus they hire those professional trainers who can give them life lessons on the internet.

Still, always remember to get good advice about this fitness consultancy before starting one, as the one who is professional in it can guide you with the right details to establish a successful online business.

15. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is increasingly becoming an essential need for online websites.

Also, many businesses are looking forward to getting SEO services for their websites, as it helps to rank websites on search engines.

So, if you think you are good at optimizing the website according to the search engine, you can certainly start your own online SEO services.

It’s pretty easy and can be done right from home. All you need is to just have appropriate knowledge of the Google search engine, that’s it!

Also, you can do SEO for thousands of online customers pretty easily.

According to the latest survey, today every online business owner wants to have SEO services so that his website can rank over the internet.

So, by providing them online SEO services, you can quickly earn a good amount of money, that too sitting in your home.

16. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is widely used to calculate the online metrics of the website.

There are many website administrators who do not know how to calculate metrics with Google Analytics.

But, you can be their online consultant in it.

Also, the Google Analytics is pretty easy to use and understand, and you can quickly learn it within a few days.

Using Google Analytics, you can get various online orders to monitor websites monthly.

It’s an absolutely free monitoring tool that can help you earn thousands just by calculating website metrics and communicating them to the website owners.

17. E-commerce Consulting

Many eCommerce store owners find it difficult to either build websites or market them over the internet.

So, if you have ever worked with eCommerce platforms and have sufficient knowledge about them, you can certainly provide professional consulting about it.

You can provide your valuable knowledge about the functions of an eCommerce business or how to market its product on the internet.

Providing such online eCommerce consulting, you can easily make hundreds of clients, especially abroad.

Also, there are many business owners who pay thousands of dollars just to get professional advice for their eCommerce businesses. 

So, you can be one of them.

But still, it is that kind of online business that needs prior guidance.

So, always remember to consult with someone who has the required market knowledge about eCommerce business consulting.

Because having such professional knowledge, you will only become better and will get more eCommerce clients in the market.

18. Tech Tutoring

If you love tech gadgets and have decent knowledge about their functions and usage, you can definitely start your own online tech tutoring.

Also, it is one of the growing trends over the internet, as millions of people are always looking for certain tutors who can guide them about the gadgets.

You just have to set up your online social channel, probably on YouTube or a website where you can actively upload videos of tech gadgets.

So, you can make videos on how to set up and use a new Samsung tablet, or how to install RAM in a PC, or how to configure antivirus software in Windows.

These types of videos are mostly searched by people over the internet, and you can earn quick and fast money with them by offering them on your channel.

It’s really easy and exciting to do and can bring thousands of followers to your channels within just a month.

19. Internet Marketing Consulting

A lot of people always look for an online marketing consultancy for their businesses.

These people want to hire a professional marketing consultant who can help them market business over the internet.

Also, you can certainly provide them professional internet marketing consulting and can help them achieve related results on the internet.

It has different sections in which you can provide clients online marketing services.

So, you can either provide them Pay-per-click (PPC) consulting services or can help them with the social media marketing services. 

It depends on the requirement of customers.

It is definitely one of the most demanded online businesses right now, as many people are looking to market their products/services digitally.

Meanwhile, always remember to get good professional advice from the right person or agency which is already offering its online services.

Also, utilizing their valuable advice, you can work more proactively in internet marketing for your clients and can earn huge profits with it.

20. Fashion / Image Consulting

We all know that fashion is an ever-growing field and it has a lot of potentials.

If you are a fashion enthusiast and want to demonstrate your knowledge in the market while earning some money, this is the right online business for you.

Also, you can find many fashion designing consulting opportunities on the internet and hence can work with them easily.

Or, you can also start your own social channel where you can promote the latest fashion trends and styles in the market.

This is usually the best practice to earn money online while promoting the latest fashion trends. 

Also, there are thousands of people who love to follow such channels where they can find the latest news about fashion and ongoing clothing styles.

You could be one of them.

All you need to do is to just establish a channel where you can make videos of the latest fashion trends.

It is really as simple as you think and quite profitable as well.

21. Personal / Virtual Assistant

A lot of online companies these days actively look for virtual assistants.

It is a growing trend in the industry to work as a virtual assistant for clients sitting abroad.

If you are good in the IT industry and have specialized in particular fields like web development, database programming, and others, you can also start your own online virtual assistant services.

You can find many online clients who want consultancy from virtual assistants. 

So, you just have to schedule your daily or weekly meetings with them, to organize the work structure.

Still, it would be wise for you to consult with someone who is already working as a virtual assistant for offshore clients.

Because he can not only help you to get international clients but can also help you to teach how to work remotely with them.

22. Home Maintenance / Organizing

Home maintenance and designing are pretty popular these days, as many people who don’t have much knowledge about it look for online consultants.

So, if you have a piece of good knowledge of how to style homes, you can certainly become a good home designing consultant.

Also, many Pakistanis already possess decent knowledge about home renovation, and hence can take up the field easily.

There are many international clients who are always looking to hire professional home designing consultants and pay thousands of dollars to them.

You can certainly be one of them.

You can get all those international clients by showing your own home renovation experience.

It is definitely a perfect opportunity for females in Pakistan to get hired as an online home maintenance consultant and earn thousands of dollars easily every month.

23. Crafting / Personalized services

Making personalized crafted items is one of the leading trends in online business today. 

Many Pakistanis want to wear personalized T-shirts, written with their name. 

Similarly, there is a lot of demand for Name printed tea/coffee cups in the market. Many people want to gift these types of printed cups to their beloved ones.

So, starting an online business to take orders for such personalized items is a really good idea.

You can start this online business just by establishing your own social media channel or a dedicated website where you can take orders.

Also, you can find many online clients for starting this online business, and they require different types of customized items for their beloved ones.

Meanwhile, do remember to get good advice from someone who is already providing such services, as it would be helpful for you to start this business and set up with different online clients.

24. Human Resources / Payroll Services

The HR department is one of the most important departments of any company.

Their main job is to recruit people and calculate monthly salaries appropriately. But, sometimes they find difficulty in it due to huge employee records.

That is where you can help them by offering freelance payroll management services. 

Also, there are many international clients available in the market, who pay thousands of dollars just to hire a good person who can manage their monthly payroll.

It’s really an easy online job, as you just have to maintain the monthly attendance and leaves of the company employees, and generate payroll according to it.

Also, you can get assistance from any virtual assistant who is already working for any company or you can also use several online payroll management systems to do the job easily.

25. Project Management / Productivity Consulting

Project management is one of the leading and highest-paid jobs in the online web world.

Companies pay millions of dollars to hire a good project manager who can organize their work proactively.

So, if you think you can manage company-level projects well and can communicate appropriately with employees, you can certainly earn thousands of dollars per month.

You just need to have good knowledge about the working structure of a company, and how to organize its work accordingly.

In project management, you will have to create weekly reports, monthly performance sheets, and more to manage the company projects easily.

In Pakistan, you can find various online jobs in project consultancy and related fields.

Also, it will not only enable you to earn a good amount of home-based salary per month but will also help you to improve your skills as a project manager in the field.

Eventually, that will be very beneficial for your future and your professional career!

26. Copywriting and Editing

Copywriting will always remain one of the highest paying jobs on the internet.

So, if you have the right English skills and you can write professional business copies for multinational organizations, this online field is definitely best for you!

You can find thousands of freelance copywriting projects on online job portals and can earn a handsome amount of money per month.

Also, you do not even have to go anywhere, you can easily work from home for international clients and for their online projects.

According to the latest survey, writing an article online or editing it can give you $10 each.

So imagine, how much you will earn when you will write/edit 10 or more articles per day. It will certainly help you earn thousands of dollars per month.

It’s really easy and fits perfectly for those who have good English skills and writing knowledge to deal with multiple international projects.

27. Photography

Photography is a growing trend among youth in Pakistan. You can find many teenage boys and girls carrying DSLRs and snapping pictures with them.

But, it’s not just a hobby as of now, it has become one good source to earn money as well.

There is a huge demand for creative photography services in Pakistan, as many people are willing to pay thousands for just having professional photography services for their business or products.

So, if you have a DSLR and you think that you are good enough to become a professional photographer, why not open your online business with it?

You can rightly do so. Just set up your own social media channel and start marketing your photography skills.

You can get hundreds of clients for it, that too in Pakistan.

Also, you can get orders to cover different events including Marriages, corporate events, and more.

It’s quite easy and a fun-filled job, and can earn you millions if you have a knack for taking good pictures.

28. Travel Planning

A lot of people require travel consultancy for their holiday vacations.

Especially in Pakistan, when thousands of foreigners tour the country, you can become their travel planning guide.

Also, it is quite a high paying business and can be set up without any investment. You just need to build your own traveling guide website, and that’s it!

You can get many international and local clients who are looking forward to hiring a good travel planning guide.

Like as we all know, there are many tourist attraction places in Pakistan, and every year thousands of tourists visit the country to spend their holidays there.

That is where you can grab the opportunity, and can start your own travel planning business.

Also, It is not that hard if you will take advice from those who are already working in this field. They can help you to set up the right guide map where you can plan tours for both local and foreign people. 

29. Event Planning / Promotion

Event planning is also one of the most leading online business trends in Pakistan.

It attracts bigger organizations and corporate sectors because they want to hire such professional people who can plan and execute their company events properly.

So, if you think you can manage and organize these types of events properly, then you can do a lot of business with them in Pakistan.

First, you need to set up your own social media channel or a website where you can market your services as an event planner.

Once companies get to know your name and your reach, they will contact you automatically and will hire you as their event planner.

Remember, it can be a corporate job, so you need to have the required experience or knowledge about how to handle such types of events.

You can always consult with someone who is already working as an event planner. He can guide you through all the details i.e. how to plan events, promote them, and earn money with them accordingly.

30. Automobile / Motorcycle Repair, Service

Automobile/motorcycle repairing is probably one of the most demanded online business in Pakistan.

It attracts millions of people in Pakistan and has a lot of potential in the country.

So, if you are good with automobiles and know the core of them, you can get hundreds of repairing and maintenance orders per day.

All you have to do is just prepare a website where you can take orders and process them to the mechanics.

It’s pretty simple and profitable and quite a new concept in Pakistan.

Moreover, has the potential to work with hundreds of clients within the country.

So, don’t just wait, if you are good with automobile/motorcycle mechanics, it’s the perfect online business for you that can help you earn decent money sitting from home.

31. Tax and Financial Planning

A lot of companies need financial consultants to handle their company’s financial matters. 

It could be tax filing, admin finance management, and more.

So, if you are a finance graduate and know how to make reconciliation sheets, this job is definitely best for you.

You can find multiple clients both locally and abroad who want to hire professional financial consultants.

You can work with them as a virtual assistant and can handle their financial processes remotely.

Obviously, before starting it, you need a bit of expert advice. So, try to consult with anyone who has proven knowledge in this field and the one who can help you with details.

It’s really one highly profitable business that can lead you to hundreds of clients both in Pakistan and abroad.

32. Community Management / Promotion

There are a lot of companies who want to promote their products, services in the community. They want to market their products in the industry so that they can capture more clients.

So, if you are a marketing graduate who knows how to market products and services in the industry, you can certainly do this job.

All you need to do is to just build your profile on the internet and on social channels.

Using those channels, you can market any type of products and services and help your clients earn millions with it.

Not only that, you can earn a good amount of money for yourself, by just sitting at home.

It’s a decent online business to work with and is pretty popular these days in the international markets.

33. Career Help

Career guidance is a noble field and is quite demanding among the youth of Pakistan.

So, if you have the right experience in the field and know how to educate young graduates about the market, you can definitely earn thousands in this field.

There are thousands of people looking for such career guidance services every day. You can tap them by providing them the right knowledge about the norms of the market.

You can teach them how to write resumes, cover letters, and more to get a good job. Moreover, can help them to learn the right skills so that they can get quick jobs in the industry.

All you need to do is to just establish your name on social media where people can find you and contact you. It can be on social media or through your official website.

It is indeed the right online business, where you can help millions in the community to get the right job and life in the domains.

34. Research

Research & analysis is also a leading freelance job easily available on the internet.

Many of us who have a good knack for researching can do this job, as hundreds of companies are always looking to hire such professionals who can research and mine valuable data for them.

All you need is to have good data researching skills, with which you can provide companies relevant information about the products or services they are searching for.

It’s quite easy and profitable and does have a lot of international demand in the market.

Start Your Online Business, Today.

There are so many businesses which you can do online. The only things required are:

  1. Willing to do something big.
  2. Willingness to learn things, which you do not know,
  3. Take training, guidance, and learn from someone who has years of experience in setting up their own business and helping others grow their business.
  4. Patience, hardworking, and consistency.
To learn how to do the following businesses contact us on WhatsApp:
  • Website Design
  • Child Care
  • User interface & user experience (UI/UX)
  • Programming/web development
  • Pet services (grooming, walking, etc.)
  • Sell Electronic Devices
  • Sell Mobile Phones, Accessories
  • Sell Used Things (Computer, Laptops)
  • Sell Desktop Computers, Tablets, Laptops
  • Sell Auction, DSLR, Video Cameras
  • Sell CCTV Security Cameras
  • Sell Insurance and Protection
  • Sell Used Phones
  • Sell Gaming Consoles
  • Sell Books
  • Rent Books
  • Sell Car Accessories
  • Sell Network Components
  • Sell TV, LCD, Home Audio
  • Sell Kitchen Appliances
  • Sell Home Equipment
  • Sell Personal Care Appliances
  • Sell Organic Bath and Body Products
  • Sell Beauty Tools
  • Sell Fragrances, Attar,
  • Sell Hair Care Products
  • Sell Makeup Accessories
  • Sell Men’s Care Products
  • Sell Skin Care Products
  • Sell New Born Baby Items
  • Sell Baby Milk Products
  • Sell Baby and Toddler Toys
  • Sell Sports and Outdoor Play
  • Sell Groceries Online
  • Sell Pet Food Online
  • Sell Branded Juices Online
  • Sell Fresh Dairy Products
  • Sell Furniture Online
  • Sell Bedding Online
  • Sell Interior Decor Items
  • Sell Lightning Online
  • Sell DIY and Outdoor
  • Sell Stationary and Crafts
  • Sell Media, Music, Books
  • Charity and Donation
  • Sell Women’s Fashion Clothes
  • Sell Women unstitch Fabric
  • Sell Sleepwear and Inner-wear
  • Sell Women’s Accessories
  • Sell Women Shoes
  • Sell Men’s Fashion
  • Sell Men’s Shoes, Belts
  • Sell Watches
  • Sell Women’s Bags
  • Sell Luggage and Suitcase
  • Sell Women’s Jewelry
  • Sell Sunglasses and Eye-wear
  • Sell Exercise and Fitness Requirements
  • Sell Fitness and Bodybuilding Supplements
  • Sell Auto Oil and Fluids
  • Sell Tires and Wheels
  • Sell Car Services Services

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