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Celebrity Endorsement

Every man woman and child is highly inspired by what they media idols are selling or recommending. Children remember the jingle of a advertisement in which a character names a product, women remember what Fawad was suggesting as a mobile brand and men are totally into what Priyanka and Kareena suggest! Every brand invests a huge amount into hiring a popular model or actor as an ambassador.

Celebrity Endorsements Service In Pakistan

Research by a social site says that 60% of the consumers prefer to use the brands suggested by their favorite celebrities. 25% of the consumers said that they would STOP using the brands that their celebrities have negative review about at any time. 70% people admitted that they call themselves a FAN of a brand which they found on their celebrities fan page.

Here Is How We Choose Celebrity Endorsements For Your Business

Celebrity Credibility

Being one of the top advertising agencies in Pakistan, we ensure that the celebrity has a flawless credibility in the market. In order for the conversion to increase people should have a genuinely positive opinion about the celebrity. Anything negative in his/her history of work could affect the brand.

Celebrity Profession & Values

We ensure that profession of the celebrity is relevant to your business product/service we need to promote. A celebrity who is famous for her dancing cannot be a brand ambassador of toothpaste, but could rather represent dresses or vanity products. We make sure that we find the relevant person who would fit with your advertising idea. Likewise, any celebrity who is known as a chain smoker cannot represent an anti pollution campaign.

Celebrity Availability

We have to make sure that the celebrity is available for your brand promotional campaigns, events and shoots. We use our contacts to find out about their schedules and have them available, managing expertly to make their calendar and your event schedule compatible with each other.

Cost Of Acquiring Celebrity

We discuss with you how much you are ready to invest with your promotional campaigna dn then decide which type of celebrity can be hired in that. From models and famous social workers to TV artists and Film Actors, we decide with you the appropriate celebrity to represent your brand.

Channels To Use An Endorsement

We also plan the channels that would work best with your selected celebrity. From still photo posts on social media to Videos on digital media, we use our advertising experience to bring you the best conversion results.

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Client's Testimonials

I want to thank Mega Marketing Network for the Celebrity Endorsement they put into our advertisement. Their customer service is fantastic, and they are very responsive! The Ad was a huge success just because of them.

Junaid Hashmi

I’ve been utilizing Mega Marketing Network’s Services for two years now, and they’ve contributed a lot to our success! The Celebrity Endorsement they put into our advertisement was a great extension.

Majid Iqbal

Mega Marketing Network is the most reliable Advertising Agency I’ve ever worked with. They always provide the best of what we need at the lowest prices. I highly recommend them. Great work!

Hina Abro

Client's Reviews

I used Mega Marketing Network for developing my website in WordPress and they did a very good job. They are the most reliable company that I have ever worked with. Everything they promised me, they delivered.

Adnan Chourdy

Thanks for the awesome website you made for our printing company. This is the best web design, web hosting, and Search Engine Optimization services company in Karachi. I really enjoyed your creativity; you did a great job. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking for web design and effective marketing solutions.

Sophia Yohana

Great Experience with Social Media Marketing. Extremely creative ideas, prompt responses and they were successfully able to increase traffic to our business. The most trusted company in Pakistan.

Rabia Ali

They helped me setup my online business created all the social media accounts required. They also created banners and posts for my social media marketing pages and helped me in getting good fans and likes on my pages. I get good clients and business from them.

Yasmeen Khan

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