How to Market Your Marketing Business in Pakistan

Marketing in Pakistan November 12, 2018 by Mega Marketing Network

With superior technology and new payment merchants making their way into the Pakistani landscape, many industries across the country are currently experiencing the economic long run. This is because new players and resources are entering the market and the demand for certain products and services has been increasing gradually since the last couple of years. On the other hand, extreme competition and budget restraints have left many businesses with no choice but to outsource marketing services. This is also the reason why launching a marketing business in Pakistan has become quite common in the country. In fact, the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) reported that in May of 2018, it registered a total of 1,094 new companies, out of which 19 were focused on providing marketing services.

With so many marketing companies/agencies emerging in Pakistan, what does this mean for the existing ones? Well, the answer is pretty simple: the need to stand out and market your own services to the right target market is now higher than ever! An important thing to remember is that this applies to all marketing businesses, regardless of their size, experience, and reputation in the industry. Being so caught up with overseeing the marketing processes of their clients, it’s natural for agencies to compromise on their own. Hence, as a leading marketing agency in Pakistan, we, at Mega Marketing Network, have decided to help out by touching upon the most important aspects of marketing your marketing business (in the context of Pakistan) in this article and giving you a better idea of where and how to promote your venture in the best way possible. Let’s start!

  • Outline/Revise Your Basic Marketing Objectives

At times, before proceeding towards accomplishing a major task, it is important to go back to the basics. In this context, it means going back to your marketing goals/objectives (provided that you have already outlined them somewhere in the past). If you don’t have your marketing-related goals figured out, then we highly suggest that you do so. Ask yourself: “What kind of businesses/individuals do I want as my clients? Do I have the appropriate resources to cater to the needs of a specific market in Pakistan, let’s say, B2B clients? Or am I more inclined towards people-marketing? Wait, do Pakistanis invest in people-marketing?” Answer all of these questions and remember to not restrict yourself to a particular market but rather, try to grow your resources and expertise to cater to all kinds of clients (another thing to add to your list of objectives)!

  • Create and Publish Case Studies on Your Website(s)/Social Platform(s)

A great way to market your marketing business in Pakistan is to publish compelling and informative case studies on the clients you have served. For this purpose, it’s best that you get the approval of your clients first. A good case study is comprehensive and should include every little detail about the client you served, the challenges you faced while serving them, and the strategies you used to fulfill their requirements and achieve your goals. Don’t be afraid of sharing your ideas and tricks. Publishing case studies will help you build up your credibility in the market and show potential clients that your team is competent enough to handle any challenge.

  • Request Your Clients for Testimonials/Reviews & Publish Them

The pre-purchase stage of most modern consumers involves conducting lots of research. People like to look at online reviews and do their own survey before choosing a product/service/experience. The same goes for enterprises looking to outsource services. So, it’s important that you request your existing clients to write small testimonials which you can publish on your website. You can also ask them to review your services on Facebook. Don’t bother writing up fake reviews because clients have become smart enough to see right through them. An authentic, naturally-written testimonial could do wonders in terms of word-of-mouth marketing of your business!

  • Use the Power of Social Media Marketing

For B2B businesses, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are considered good social networking platforms for promotional purposes. Reach out to the relevant market. Build up your connections on LinkedIn, try to keep up with the latest and relevant trends on Twitter, and invest smartly in Facebook ads.

  • Take Help from Content Marketing

As a marketing agency, you must already be familiar with the term content marketing. In case you aren’t, here’s a refresher: “Content marketing is the practice of generating and sharing content that doesn’t explicitly promote your products/services, but makes the readers think about your business.” In simple words, it involves providing your target market with valuable, relevant content with the intention of capturing their attention and building up your authority in your field. You can use the following mediums for your content marketing needs:

  • Blog

Launching an official blog and sharing relevant content that includes useful keywords could attract a lot of visitors to your website.

  • Social Media

Start sharing compelling and attractive postings on your social platforms. Keep a balance between informative and purely promotional postings.

  • Magazine/Newsletter

If you have enough of a budget and sufficient resources, you should consider launching your very own magazine or newsletter.

  • List Your Clientele

Finally, it goes without saying that you should definitely list all of your previous and contemporary clients on your website (after obtaining their consent, of course). Look for new ways of presenting them in a captivating way and show your experience to the world.

Ending Note

In the end, we would just like to say that a marketing agency that isn’t marketing itself properly can raise eyebrows. But, it’s not too late – pledge to start taking the marketing of your business seriously and allocate an hour or two to work on it every single day. Best of luck!

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