How to Start Your Own Business in Pakistan – 9 Easy Steps | اپنا آن لائن کاروبار کیسے شروع کریں‎

Marketing in Pakistan March 13, 2017 by Muhammad Ali Shaikh
Assalam o Alaikum,
Helping Your Business Grow is our motto and the soul objective of this blog post.
Check the inline image to learn How to Start Your Own Business – 9 Easy Steps
The sole purpose of this message is to help people start their own business and help them stand on their feet.
MashaAllah, we have helped many people to start their own business and helped many start-ups to become successful business.
Only 3 things are needed from your side:
1. You must have the idea of some business.
2. You must have strong desire to do it.
3. You must have the background knowledge and skills of that business.
For the rest of the things, we are here to guide and help you.
Step 1: Get Domain
Step 2: Get Website Hosting
Step 3: Have Website Designed and Developed
Step 4: Branding Your Business
Step 5: Marketing Your Products and Services
Step 6: Start Receiving Order
Step 7: Dispatch the products or provide the services
Step 8: Collect Cash, Cheque, Online Payment with Security
Step 9: Analyze the Reporting of Profitability

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Start your Ecommerce website online business Pakistan
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