Importance of Content Marketing for Businesses Today

Digital Marketing August 13, 2018 by Mega Marketing Network

“Content marketing is the backbone of communications.”

–        Anonymous

Importance of Content Marketing for Businesses

Marketing is all about effectively spreading awareness about your business by communicating the value that you are offering to the consumers. And for communication, you need to be smooth with words, know just what strategies to use to capture the attention of your target audience, and truly make a difference in people’s lives. That being said, the importance of content marketing is not something to be neglected or taken lightly as the digital world is based solely on content (social networks are great examples). In fact, having an effective content strategy for a business these days is just as important as generating leads.

The Real Importance of Content Marketing

When it comes to publishing content in the form of blog posts, newsletters, social media posts, etc., a lot of business owners are skeptical about the effectiveness or are just not bothered to spend the time and money because they are generating enough income and feel that marketing using content is not in line with their goals. Regardless, having a good content marketing strategy in place these days is necessary for every business, big or small. So, if you are one of those business owners, here are some solid reasons that will surely change your mind:

·        Your Audience Begins to Trust You More

Let’s assume that you have opened up a gym at a posh location. Your target audience includes high-end clients who want to truly work on their fitness and see instant results. Chances are that these people hail from educated families and have a habit of doing online research before acquiring a service or buying a product. If you have a blog focused on fitness and health and you regularly update it with valuable content, there is a very good chance that those people will end up on your website through Google and other search engines. Moreover, if they directly visit your website through your social media (which you should be constantly working on), they will go to your blog and see that you really mean business. By seeing that you have adequate knowledge of fitness, they will begin to trust you more as a gym instructor/owner. Hence, publishing relevant content daily can help you build a strong trust with your clients and create authority in your industry.

·        You Can Boost Your Brand Awareness

content marketing

Creating brand awareness is one of the basic purposes of content marketing. If your business is relatively new or you are in an industry that is loaded with competitors, ensuring that people know about the existence of your business is extremely important. Publishing content by targeting specific keywords can increase the traffic to your website and increase engagement on social media.

When a person visits your website for the first time, they’ll come to know that your brand exists in the market. From there, you can use other, more advanced tactics to remarket your products/services to drive more sales. Who knows, that person might even recommend your business to a family member, a friend or a colleague who might be in need of your services (instant word-of-mouth marketing)! This further highlights the importance of content marketing.

·        Increase Organic Traffic (through SEO)


As mentioned above, by writing keyword-specific blog posts or online newsletters on your website, you can work towards improving how your website ranks in the SERPs. If your content is truly valuable and relevant to what your ideal client/customer is looking for on the web, it won’t take long for your website to steal the top position of the search results! So, if you are publishing fresh content on a daily basis and tracking progress, you can stay ahead of the game, regardless of how many changes the search engines make in their algorithms. And by doing so, you can attract organic traffic to your website and raise your chances of driving sales without having to spend a fortune on online ads.

·        Generate Valuable Leads

Generate Valuable Leads

Sales and marketing people are crazy about generating leads. Lead generation can be extremely time-consuming and expensive but with the help of content marketing, you can do it in a much faster way and, in some cases, for absolutely free! For that purpose, you need to lure people towards your website and/or social media pages with informative and valuable content. By casually asking your digital audience to fill in a form at the end of an article or through a campaign on social media, you can generate strong leads in a matter of days.

·        Make People Return to Your Website Social Media Page(s)

With strong and truly informative content, you can convert a casual reader into an avid follower and eventually even a paying customer! By just using the power of words, you can force people to return to your website for more information which clearly means a lot to them. This will seriously boost your chances of converting leads! A great example is a website you are currently looking at. Mega Marketing Network updates it blogs with content specifically targeted towards marketers and business owners/entrepreneurs among others. Because of that reason, we continue to get a steady flow of organic traffic.

Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

As a bonus and to help you avoid being carried away by the advantages of content marketing, we thought it would be best to highlight some common mistakes which most amateur content marketers tend to make. Do NOT make the following mistakes:

  • Being unsure of who your audience is.
  • Having no long-term plan.
  • Generating irrelevant content for the sake of publishing posts.
  • Sticking to just one form of content.

So, if you are convinced that content marketing is the way to boost your overall marketing efforts, it is now time to grab a pen and a paper and start jotting down a killer content marketing strategy! If you need any assistance, remember that Mega Marketing Network is always here to help you out in every way! And as always, we wish you the best of luck.


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