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Content Writing November 19, 2018 by Mega Marketing Network

“Omar used to work as the lead SEO expert with a knack for writing at a reputable ad agency in Lahore. The pay was quite handsome, however, one day he had an epiphany that he could do so much better and earn even more if he just started a content marketing agency of his own! So he quit his job, drew out a game plan, and started Content All-Stars Ltd.

However, he soon realized that merely having the skills isn’t enough to grow his company and stand out in the market. He needed an additional push to move forward…but he had no idea where to start.”

The problem being faced by the hypothetical SEO expert and entrepreneur Omar in our story above is faced daily by countless REAL people who have just started their own content marketing companies! A few decades ago, no one could have thought that digital content would become such a vital component of modern marketing. As B2B businesses started realizing the importance of search engine optimization and targeted marketing via social media and email, they rapidly changed their attitude towards content creation and started to come up with unique ways to market themselves using the power of relatable content. That’s the main concept behind content marketing – highlighting a problem, urging the consumers to think about and relate to the said problem, and then presenting your product(s)/service(s) either explicitly or indirectly as a solution(s) to those problems, with the aim of generating leads and building authority.

The increased demand for authentic and original content presented a profitable business opportunity and, as a result, a lot of content marketing companies emerged in the market! In Pakistan, there are many writing agencies (as well as marketing agencies offering content marketing as a service, such as Mega Marketing Network). If you have just started your content marketing company or are planning to launch one, then keep reading for we are about to share with you some exclusive marketing and writing tips that you can use to grow your content marketing agency and leave your competitors speechless. Let’s begin!

Learn Skills Other than Content Writing & Editing

The first step in making your content marketing company a huge success involves teaching yourself skills other than just content writing and editing. So, what are those “other” skills? Here’s a list:

  • Search engine optimization (keyword research, appropriate keyword placement, use of different analytics tools like Search Engine Console, etc.)
  • Social media marketing (how to advertise your brand on different social platforms)
  • Pay-per-click management (how to advertise your brand on search engines)
  • Graphic designing (or at least the basics of the appropriate use of color, shade, content type, etc.)

By teaching yourself the essentials of everything, you would be better equipped to handle the requirements of your clients and, more importantly, be able to teach your team!

Hire the Right Kind of Writers & Editors

Not to sound rude, but there are many self-proclaimed content writing experts and editing pros in the market, posing as “experienced” professionals. It’s sad to see that many people still consider content writing a game and something that “only requires decent grammar and vocabulary.” People need to realize that the field has evolved well beyond just words and grammatical errors. There are keywords to consider, niche and data to study, heavy research to conduct and, most importantly, adversary to face from other departments that look at content marketers and writers as overly-glorified essay writers.

Keeping the above situation in mind, you need to be extra careful when hiring your staff. Don’t hire writers on the basis of an English grammar test. Make the criteria rigid. Include technical questions and/or exercises in your tests and/or interviews. Do the same for the editors that you hire.

Build a Fantastic Writing Portfolio

If you Google “content marketing agencies at XYZ location,” you will get thousands of business websites in the search results. However, surprisingly (or unsurprisingly, depending on how aware you are of the contemporary conditions), only a few would have authentic writing portfolios to show to the world. Therefore, to seem legit and trustworthy, you should most definitely share some sample content that you have produced for your clients in the past (after obtaining their unconditional consent, of course). Not only would this give your potential clients a taste of your content, but it would also build up your credibility in the market.

Market Your Agency Across Different Platforms

After building a proper team of experienced writers and editors and building up a website, it’s now time to market your business! While it’s true that we should always set high goals, it’s best to start small to avoid disappointment. Start by working on the search engine optimization of your website. Write compelling content (we obviously don’t have to say that), use appropriate keyword placement, publish fresh content regularly, and ensure that there are no bugs on your website that might affect the user experience.

Simultaneously, you should be investing a lot of time in your social media marketing efforts. LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are the 3 channels that we highly recommend working on SMM, however, you can also work on Pinterest, Tumblr, etc., depending on your intentions.

Try to generate as many leads as possible and then let your email marketing campaigns do the trick! Finally, if you have the budget, you may also invest in search engine marketing.

Take-Home Message

Initiating and running a content marketing agency requires skills that go well beyond content creation. There are many other digital marketing muscles that you need to flex. However, most importantly, you need to make tough decisions on a daily basis. Hire the right kind of people, invest time and energy in training your staff, and lead from the front! In no time, your content marketing business will reach brand new heights. All the best!

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