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What Is Promotional Marketing?

Promotional marketing is the perfect tactic to create brand loyalty for you so that your customers always select your brand instead of your competitors’. Advertisements in Pakistan is a great to create engagement and loyalty. Greater loyalty means more repeat business as well as promotion of your business through give-away, tokens of gratitude and complimentary discounts. Loyal customers rarely switch, even if you increase the price of your products/services or reduce the quantity in exchange for the same price.

Benefits of Promotional Marketing:

Helps in creating a positive identity of your brand as well as your company

Communicates the quality of your business, it’s products and/or services

Creates appeal by arousing the desire to purchase in the hearts of customers

Helps a business in increasing revenue and achieving growth for the business

Creates an emotional bonding of the customers with your brand

Wins loyal customers and repeat business by creating a trustworthy image of your company

Creates a differentiating factor of your product or services in comparison to that of your competitors

Makes it easier for you to introduce new products/services under your brand name

Protects you and provides a safety cushion against losing market share upon introduction of a cheaper competing product/service

Creates an appeal of your company as an ‘employer of choice’ so you may be able to attract the best talent in the market

Gets you good deals from your vendors/suppliers/other business partners

How we can help you in Promotional marketing:

Promotional marketing involves careful budgeting of how and at what quantity the give-away should be distributed in the audience, bringing them into the circle of consumers. Here are a few pointers we take care of while promotional marketing:

1. Selection of an Event/Occasion

Promotional campaigns need thorough research. What are the upcoming events which would take your target audience’s attention and can engage them, is what we do our homework on as soon as we understand your brand requirements. If there were a fashion week going on, then your free branded give-away t-shirts would certainly get attention. Likewise, your home based audiences would surely use a branded Calender for Ramazan.

2.Selecting The Perfect Give-Away According To Target Audience

Targeting an audience to make them into a regular client would require that we select the perfect give away for them. Young generation can be attracted with branded t-shirts and back packs; professional clients demand branded mugs, stationery, and home based women would be more interested in calendars and wall clocks. Wall paint companies paint public places for free, but leave their brand marks there. This is the perfect example of promotional marketing.

3.Quality And Quantity Of The Give Away

Then comes the need to consider a business’s budget for promotional marketing. We take into consideration the total number of audience being targeted and calculate the accumulating cost. Gathering a few options of giveaways, we select that one which is most affective and most cost effective as well. From selecting the quality and quantity to deliver of the material, we keep our clients stress free and take full responsibility.

4.Feedback Of The Audience

Without a feedback from the audience, there is no use of the total promotional investment. We use carefully designed strategies to collect the audience response and then analyze the outcome in order to make another strategy for the client next time.

5.Using The Tactic Of Reinforcement

No type of marketing is useful without reinforcement. It is a vital ingredient in the recipe. After the complimentary distribution, we follow our clients and keep them well informed about the new and upcoming discounts of the client’s product or services. This constant reminder proves 100% effective to convert prospect customers into permanent consumers.

With transparency in services, constant follows up and our dedicated commitment, we promise to deliver the best solutions for your marketing demands. Call us now for a free quote.

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