SMS Marketing in Pakistan & How to Use SMS Marketing to Get More Customers

Marketing in Pakistan March 17, 2017 by Muhammad Ali Shaikh

Mobile SMS Marketing in Pakistan is progressing and flourishing day by day due to the accelerating growth of mobile phone subscriptions in Pakistan. Many local Pakistani and international brands are now using SMS or Branded SMS Marketing to reach more people,advertise their products and services and to increase their sales.

If a brand wants recognition and promotion, then Mobile SMS marketing is the most cost-effective medium. Although there are many other tools available such as Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, and other Digital Media Channels and despite the fact that print media and email marketing have their own benefits, one cannot deny the need to check their phone the moment it beeps. On the contrary, one tends to delay looking into an email or the newspaper, depending on availability, time and mood and the chances of forgetting are high.

The advantages of opting for Mobile SMS Marketing in Pakistan are not only amazing but they also reveal how effective this marketing tool is:-

Mobile SMS are instant: As compared to other marketing tools, SMS marketing is the most immediate channel that offers up to 97% readability within 15 minutes of delivery. This means that your messages are sent, delivered and read within seconds.

Simple Opt-in and Opt-out: Unlike other platforms, SMS marketing in Pakistan is quite straightforward. Personal information isn’t required, only a number to send a message to. Moreover, adding a code or keyword to the text generates higher returns on investment and greater, more effective responses.

Wider Accessibility: If one wishes to market their product to the masses and wishes to reach far and wide, then bulk SMS marketing will take you places. The cherry on the cake is that even if one doesn’t have an internet connection, the SMS will reach people in urban, rural and remote areas instantly, in English, Urdu and any chosen language!

High action on SMS Marketing: In Pakistan, Mobile SMS marketing has very high readability conversion rates. Other forms of advertising such as email marketing take time to convert into a customer but SMSs are read immediately unless one is at work or expecting them, a promotional or announcement text has higher chances of being seen and read within the set frame of time.

Societal Acceptance of SMS messages: Pakistani’s have a countrywide acceptance to mobile phones. Be it housewives, teenagers, entrepreneurs or an elderly citizen, people from all walks of life here know how to use a mobile phone, own multiple phone connections and are mobile-savvy. Mobiles are undoubtedly the most widely used, acknowledged, and appreciated gadget of the nation.

The most important things for SMS Marketing Campaigns are to have:

  • Verified Mobile SMS Data of Pakistan
  • City-wise SMS Data
  • Category-wise SMS Data
  • Process to send bulk SMS to target people
  • Affordable SMS Marketing Rates in Pakistan

Benefits of SMS Marketing increase when it is done properly and to the target audience. Some of the categories which are very important are:

  • SMS Marketing Data for Karachi
  • SMS Marketing Data for Lahore
  • SMS Marketing Data for Islamabad
  • SMS Marketing Data for Rawalpindi
  • SMS Marketing Data for Peshawar
  • SMS Marketing Data for Quetta
  • SMS Marketing for Doctors (Data of Pakistani Doctors)
  • SMS Marketing for Engineers (Data of Pakistani Engineers)
  • SMS Marketing for Real-estate (Data of Real Estate Agents in Pakistan
  • SMS Marketing for Students (Data of Students and Youth of Pakistan)
  • SMS Marketing for Beauty parlors (Data of Pakistani Women and Beauty Parlors)
  • SMS Marketing for General Public (Mix Pakistani Data)
  • SMS Marketing for Parents (Data of Parents and those ages above 30)
  • SMS Marketing for Elite Class (Data of people living in posh areas of Pakistan)

At Mega Marketing Network, we have a trained team having skills in advance research and they use these skills to gather and sort the SMS data into different segments and that is why our customers get the maximum benefit from SMS Marketing Campaigns.

Mega Marketing Network – The Most Trusted Marketing Company in Pakistan motto is Helping Your Business Grow Grow; well-being and satisfaction of our clients with affordable rates, providing them a diverse database and extensive knowledge of SMS Marketing in Pakistan.

If you would like to add your point of view in above blog post kindly write us back and we will be happy to hear and add your comments in it.

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