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The Glorious History of
Mega Marketing Network.

Mega Marketing Network started its illustrious journey as Cybronix Incorporation in 2003. Initially, we dealt in the marketing of human resource services, promoting talent, and advertising jobs. However, after a sudden shift in the industries across Pakistan and beyond, we evolved into a proper digital ad agency and opened up our services to all businesses.

Today, Mega Marketing Network is proud to be the leading name in digital marketing in Karachi. Our diverse list of services includes social media marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing, pay-per-click management, graphic designing, video production, photography, and much more!

Social Media Marketing
Our Specialty

Although Mega Marketing Network is famous for all of the services it has to offer, the one area which we are truly renowned for is social media marketing! From basic page setup to community management, from content creation to running ads and virtually everything in between, we provide it all. Throughout the years, we have had the pleasure of serving thousands of local and international clients (both B2B and B2C). During that period, we have never once failed to achieve the goals of our clients and have left no stone unturned in increasing their presence on social media.

We are proud to be one of the best social media marketing companies in Karachi. Whether you want to market your business on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest, or YouTube, our experts will handle everything with the utmost professionalism and guarantee to grow your brand’s presence, increase your reach, boost engagement, and even multiple lead generation by several folds using the power of social media.

Why Social Media Marketing
is Important

Did you know that 29% of internet users turn towards social media to research products and services before making a purchase?

Over the last 2 decades, with the rise of social networking websites, the buying behavior of the average consumer changed dramatically. Businesses saw this change as a wonderful opportunity to grow themselves. During this time, marketers had to evolve and acquaint themselves with the newly-born concept of social media marketing. Today, businesses around the world collectively spend millions on building their brands and advertising their products/services on different social networks and believe us when we say that the ROI is handsome! Therefore, to keep up with the competition and stay ahead in your industry, you should definitely consider adding social media to your list of marketing channels.

Social Media Experts In Pakistan

How Mega Marketing Network Can Help

Here’s how our amazing team of experts can help you become a social media rockstar:

Community Management & Social Customer Care

Community management and social customer care are integral parts of maintaining and gradually building a brand’s presence on social media. Requiring a highly active approach, they involve answering the queries of your customers either collectively or individually (via comments, personal messages, etc.), resolving disputes, coming up with new and creative ways to keep the audience engaged in order to generate leads and increase conversions, and even reputation management. Instead of completely relying on automation, our social media marketing experts prefer to focus more on the “human approach” to keep the customers engaged and absolutely satisfied.


Considering the extreme competition that currently persists on social media, your marketing efforts may require an additional boost. That’s where ads come into the picture. Our social media marketing professionals are well-versed in the art of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Linkedin ads. From creating/designing ad copies to measuring the return, we can help you out with everything and grow your social reach!

Reporting & Analytics

By utilizing data collected in real time and using state-of-the-art analytics tools, we track and monitor the progress of our social media marketing efforts and report everything. This not only helps in showing the proof of ROI to our clients but also in analyzing how effective our marketing efforts are.

Social Media Marketing Experts

Our Areas of Expertise

facebook social media expert


According to the 7th Annual B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends report (2017), approximately 76% of content marketers used Facebook as a channel! We, at Mega Marketing Network, understand how important it is to have a presence on Facebook. Our experts have absolute command over this platform and know all the tricks to make your brand shine.

twitter social media expert


Twitter is considered to be one of the best social networking platforms for customer service, direct engagement, and keeping up with the latest trends. In fact, how active you are on Twitter plays a significant role in determining your digital marketing efforts. And by using just 280 characters or less, our social media marketing experts can lift your brand to new heights!

linkedin social media expert


LinkedIn is the main battlefield for all B2B marketers. In fact, according to one source, it was estimated that nearly 44% of all online B2B leads came from LinkedIn in 2017. Mega Marketing Network can help you tap into the hidden potential of this amazing platform in terms of generating leads, increasing relevant connections, and even advertisements.

instagram social media expert


Apart from posting retro and aesthetically pleasing holiday pictures, Instagram has proven to be an outstanding platform for marketing over the years. Our Instagram wizards can work their magic for both B2C and B2B clients and use different techniques to grow their businesses by using the power of hashtags and the right kind of filters!

We also specialize in:

Snapchat, Pinterest, YouTube, Tumblr

Why We Are Considered the Best in
Social Media Marketing Karachi

We Offer the Best Rates

Mega Marketing Network, despite offering top-notch services has always kept its rates relatively lower than all the other ad agencies in Karachi. This is because we believe that every business, big or small, deserves to grow!

We Have Certified Professionals

All of the professionals belonging to the phenomenal team of Mega Marketing Network are certified. They have spent years working in their respective fields and are equipped with the experience and skill set you won’t find elsewhere!

We Guarantee Solid Results

The experts at Mega Marketing Network have always managed to deliver what they promise. Whether your goal is to simply grow your page, generate leads, increase your reach or all of the above, we guarantee nothing but solid results!

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The future of your business is in your own hands – invest in our outstanding social media marketing services today and take your business to the top!

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