The Phenomenal Power of Outdoor Marketing

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Outdoor Marketing

“Mr. Talha, while driving home from a long day at work, suddenly started craving a certain brand of cookies. Without giving it a second thought, he pulled over at a nearby gas station and bought a whole box of them. He walked out, munching on their delicious goodness, completely oblivious to the large advertisement of said cookies on a building that was looming over the gas station!”

Most people are under the impression that outdoor marketing is slowly dying. But, the exact opposite is true. This medium of marketing is one that is expected to live on for decades to come, for one obvious reason: People will never stop going outdoors! So, unless a global ban on all forms of outdoor advertisements is imposed, this medium of marketing will never go out of fashion.

As the name suggests, outdoor marketing is any form of marketing that is done in the outside world. This may include anything from billboards to hoardings and even roundabout advertisements. A special feature of this form of marketing is that it can be done in both digital and print formats. Other unique and interactive forms may also be used, though they are not very popular in Pakistan. We will discuss everything in detail so if you are interested in a career in marketing and looking to expand your knowledge or are just a passer-by who is intrigued by these things, this guide will teach you everything there is to know about this form of marketing. Let’s begin!

Why Should a Company Invest in Outdoor Marketing?

Why Should a Company Invest in Outdoor Marketing

The little story at the beginning of this guide has a hidden message that defines the very purpose of marketing – to make people desire something, resulting in an increase in demand. Billboards (now banned in Karachi), mobile advertisements, street furniture, etc., provide great opportunities to brands and businesses of all sizes to advertise their products in a highly effective way. According to a finding by PENNECO OUTDOOR ADVERTISING, 71% of people who saw billboard ads said that they remembered them! This is just a glimpse of what marketing outdoors can do for a brand. The only drawback is that it can be quite expensive to rent space for ads and get them printed.

The Many Shapes of Marketing of the Outdoors

Many Shapes of Marketing of the Outdoors

Marketing of the outdoors comes in a lot of shapes and sizes. Below, you will find the details of the most famous ones with some great examples.

Ø  Billboards

When we think of marketing, a common medium which pops into our minds is a billboard. It is highly likely that there isn’t a single person in both developed and developing countries, blessed with the sense of sight, that has not seen at least one billboard in their entire lives. Billboards, whether printed or digital, have the ability to captivate the minds of millions of potential and existing consumers. Below is a great example of a billboard advertisement:


A billboard ad for Coca-Cola, as part of one of their summer campaigns

Ø  Roundabout Branding/Ads

While billboard advertisements are more memorable, roundabout branding (or advertisements) is considered a much more creative and unique way to market your brand. It provides endless possibilities to craft your unique art and decorate a certain roundabout with your greatness. For years, brands have ruled many roundabouts across Pakistan. The famous “Touchme Chowrangi”, named after the iconic brand of shaving cream, Touchme, is a landmark every Karachiite is aware of. However, brands are taking roundabout branding to the next level with their creative ideas. Below is a good example:

Roundabout Branding Ads

Ø  Mobile Billboards/Branding

Another form of marketing of the outdoors is mobile branding or mobile billboards. As the name suggests, this form of marketing involves the use of trucks and other vehicles to market a brand on the road. In Pakistan, some brands have even experimented with rickshaws in the past. However, the most common form of vehicle used in this form of marketing is a truck. A notable advantage which mobile billboards have over traditional billboards is that they cost less as they don’t require space for ads, and can be moved anywhere you want. Below is a classic example of a mobile billboard by Walmart:

Street Furniture Advertisements

Ø  Street Furniture Advertisements

Out of all forms of marketing of the outdoors, the one that truly connects with the target audience on an intimate level is street furniture advertisement. It involves marketing through bus shelters, benches, kiosks, and other equipment or everyday street furniture.  These advertisements can be as simple as a small banner or could involve the use of complex and expensive equipment to enhance the experience and convey the message in a much more meaningful way. Here is a great example of a street advertisement by Michael Kors in New York:

Some other forms of outdoor marketing include:

  • Guerrilla marketing/advertising
  • POS displays
  • Transit advertising

As you can see, there are many options when it comes to marketing your brand outdoors. However, in this case, more is less, so consider your budget before deciding to invest.

Ending Note

The world of outdoor marketing presents attractive opportunities for brands to showcase themselves in the most creative of ways. There are many agencies in Pakistan, like Mega Marketing Network, that are helping brands achieve the desired results through this medium. As an ending note, do remember that not every company needs to market itself via the platforms mentioned above – some brands are better off sticking to online marketing.

We hope that this guide has served its purpose and that you are now equipped with more knowledge about outdoor marketing than you were before you started to read!

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