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There is absolutely no doubt that Pakistan is a country with massive potential which is waiting to burst out and paint the whole world with greatness. With so many new ventures kick-starting across the country these days, Pakistan is on its way to becoming the Silicon Valley of South Asia. All in all, our country is progressing rapidly in different fields that run the modern world. But, amongst all those fields, digital marketing in Pakistan has taken off like no other! With so many businesses emerging every single day, the need to stay ahead in the digital game in the country is higher than ever.

Digital marketing is slowly eating away from traditional marketing. In the age of information, the attitude of the average consumer is changing. Social platforms, web, and email is where most of the efforts are being put in by businesses to captivate the minds of their consumers, regardless of their nature. In fact, in 2017, the total digital ad revenue surpassed that of TV ads. Therefore, marketers now also have to familiarize themselves with modern tools such as Google Ads, Google Analytics, Search Console, HootSuite, etc., as having traditional marketing wisdom is no longer enough to survive in the modern world. All things considered, the scope of digital marketing in Pakistan seems quite promising.

Reasons to Choose Digital Marketing as a Career

There are plenty of reasons to pick digital marketing as a career, especially in Pakistan because the market does not have many professionals and the field is still relatively new. So, if you think that engineering, medical, and business administration are not your cups of tea, read on to find out why you should build a career in digital marketing.

It is the very future of marketing.

Scope Of Digital Marketing In Pakistan - MMNKeeping up with the ever-changing demands of the world is essential. This applies especially to marketers, who may still be stuck in the past, making ads for newspaper and trying to convert leads via SMS. There is a very good chance that in the decades to come, digital marketing will replace traditional marketing completely. Hence, the demand for skilled digital marketers is expected to grow forever.

It presents a new challenge every day.

Unlike dull fields which present a monotonous routine, digital marketing offers a new challenge every day. Since there is not a “single” way of doing things, you need to stay up on your toes and think of creative routes to take. If you like challenges and hate routine, then your motivation levels will always remain high and you will definitely enjoy your work!

It pays well.

It Pays Well - MMNSince digital marketing is challenging and requires a level of natural creativity and logical thinking, it pays quite well. Starting salaries for digital marketers vary, depending on which sub-field you opt for. In any case, regardless of the field, you opt for, you will earn a handsome package in the beginning of your career (which can grow to unimaginable heights if you keep on progressing and polishing your skill set).

There’s always room for growth.

Digital marketing does not offer a dead-end career, meaning that there is always room for growth and chance to climb the ladders of success. By constantly polishing your skills, taking certifications, and working on different projects, you can rapidly climb the ladder and even go on to becoming the Chief Marketing Officer!

In-Demand Fields of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is actually a huge umbrella, under the shade of which lie numerous fields which all offer lucrative careers. Amongst all of these, in Pakistan, the following fields are in demand:

Search Engine Optimization (Average salary for executives: PKR 24,446 according to

Whenever we want to search something on the internet, we all look towards one thing: Google. Search engine optimization is all about improving the rankings of your business website in the search results. With so many websites emerging each day, the demand for SEO professionals is at an all-time high. According to, the average salary of SEO Executives (one of the initial positions in this field) in Pakistan is PKR 24,446, which is quite impressive. As mentioned above, growth depends on how much you are willing to expand your skill set.

Search Engine Marketing (Average salary for executives: Almost the same as SEO)

At times, search engine optimization isn’t enough to instantly increase the flow of traffic to your website and boost sales. That’s where search engine marketing (SEM) comes into the picture! By using different techniques and advertising models such as pay-per-click (PPC), search engine marketers advertise links on top of search results when relevant keywords are typed in. Like SEO, SEM is also pretty much in demand in Pakistan, and the average salary for SEM executives is more or less the same.

Social Media Marketing (Average salary for executives: No clear data)

Social media has become

one of the holy grails of marketing, which is why the demand for creative and enthusiastic social media marketers is high. Brands are heavily investing in social media marketing as users across different social platforms are constantly increasing. What people see and hear on social media can significantly impact their buying decisions. So, good word of mouth and the positive brand image is extremely crucial if a business wants to survive. As of yet, there is no clear information on the average salary of social media executives, but our estimate is that it is somewhere between PKR 20,000 to PKR 25,000.

How to Become a Digital Marketer?

First of all, having a degree in marketing is not enough (or necessary) to become a digital marketer. And there is no rule of thumb to enter this field. But, the good news is that you can teach yourself all the crucial skills needed to become an exceptional marketer. There are many free courses available on the internet, which once completed, provide you with online certificates that you can use on your CV! Some popular platforms include:

·        Google Digital Garage (Click to go)

·        Google Analytics Academy (Click to go)

·        Google Academy for Ads (Click to go)

·        HubSpot Academy & Courses (Click to go)

Since the landscape of digital marketing is constantly transforming, you might have to renew your certifications each year by giving online tests.

Apart from certifications, you need to build up your experience by working on different projects. A great way of kick-starting your career in digital marketing in Pakistan is to find an internship in a reputable organization, such as Mega Marketing Network, where you will get to work for different local and international clients. We wish you the best of luck!

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