Why Small Businesses Need to Take Advantage of SMS Marketing

Marketing in Pakistan December 09, 2016 by Muhammad Ali Shaikh

It is the dream of every entrepreneur to start his or her own business but it needs a lot of commitment and hard work to do so. Starting a business is not as challenging as maintaining it; there is money constraint, lack of experience, lack of customer’s trust, client dependency, performance pressure, etc. The business owner has to struggle to maintain a balance between business quality and business growth. Hence, running a business of your own is definitely a very complex task.


In present times, it is all about marketing and branding; until and unless you don’t brand your product or service you would be completely invisible. Whether the business is large or small, branding is the key to stand out of the clutter and get noticed. When it comes to marketing and branding, communication is one of the vital elements of brand building. The perception, identity and image of the brand are dependent on what people, see, hear or read about it. Hence, communication can be extremely crucial to the success of a business.

This is not a problem for big companies that have millions of dollars in their marketing budget; they can opt for any medium, no matter how expensive it is, to reach out to their target audience and deliver their message. However, small businesses face budget constraints due to which there are very limited options for them. The business owner has to think twice before opting for a medium to market his or her business because for him every penny counts. Hence, entrepreneurs are extra cautious before investing their money in a communication channel.


Mobile SMS marketing in Pakistan is the new marketing medium that everyone is talking about; many companies are incorporating it in their communication plan to engage and reach a greater number of customers. However, some companies are still doubtful about its effectiveness. This makes a small business owner wonder, ‘Is it for my business?’

Following are the reasons for why small businesses should opt for SMS marketing for the success of their business:


Mobile SMS Marketing is Economical

Over the years, many new mediums of communication have been introduced such as social media and digital media but even then, Television and Print remain to be the most popular and the most expensive. Therefore, small businesses cannot afford to choose these mediums for marketing their business.

With such budget limitations, SMS marketing can be a perfect solution for small businesses. Bulk of text messages can be sent for a very minimal amount and gives a high return on investment.

Instant Delivery of Mobile SMS Message

Many small businesses opt for email marketing as it is cheap and is widely considered as effective. However, having an open rate of 90% on average, text messages are far more quick and effective. Usually a text message is read in five minutes after it has been delivered. Moreover, its conservation rate is much higher compared to that of email marketing.

Hence, for timely messages, alerts, or promotional offer, mobile SMS marketing can be very effective.


Suitable for Targeted Marketing

Another benefit of SMS marketing for small businesses is the flexibility of doing selective marketing. Small companies often don’t choose to run a mass marketing campaign, they target different consumer segments. Hence, text messages can be customized according to the interests and needs of every consumer segment.

Easy to Execute

Planning and executing an advertising campaign is extremely hectic and difficult. It requires endless efforts in designing the plot, preparing a communication strategy and developing an execution plan where as in running an SMS campaign all you need to do is draft a crisp and to the point message and send it across your consumer database. Therefore, for small business owners who struggle with time, mobile SMS marketing provides a time saving way of engaging the consumers.


Two-way Communication

Unlike, television and newspaper, text messages give a two-way communication to brands, hence, it is interactive. Small businesses can find out about their consumers’ needs and interests by sending them questionnaires or encouraging them to participating in a poll. Interactive SMS promotion is a good way of engaging the consumers that can help small businesses in developing a loyal customer base.

Good for Brand Building

Mobile SMS marketing in Pakistan can constructively contribute in the brand building for small businesses. Consumers today have become tech savvy and they like to remain updated. SMS marketing allows you to remain in touch with the latest consumer trends. It helps you to connect with the mobile consumers directly and since text messages are a personalized form of communication, it develops a one-to-one relationship with consumers.


Small businesses having budget constraints should definitely try SMS marketing; it is not only affordable but also quick, easy and effective. It is a great tool for connecting with consumers on the go, who are increasingly becoming difficult to reach.

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