Why Mobile SMS Marketing Is So Effective?

Marketing in Pakistan February 09, 2017 by Muhammad Ali Shaikh

Since marketing’s enormous bubble is embracing every facet of our lives, marketers are introducing innovative marketing ideas and trying to evaluate them. To make a marketing strategy effective, one must think like their target audience. And what’s more impartial is to always keep in mind the effectiveness of the methods employed and how many benefits it would bring with it.


Mobile SMS marketing in Pakistan is something that never fails. It is here for over the past 20 years and it is still without a doubt, is the best option for marketing. Considering the numbers of mobile users that are mounting up – with the ratio of one computer to four mobile phones, it is safe to say that SMS marketing is here to stay.

To make our claims more perceptible, we have gathered below some of the advantages that SMS marketing provides:

  • It is Implausibly Quick

95% of text messages are opened within 3 minutes after they are sent, which makes them more effective than emails that are open only 25% of the times. You don’t need to write long stories, come up enticing slogans, print beguiling pamphlets, or mock up a design to attract audience. Just one simple SMS of limited characters describing your business or new offers to your customers, and that is enough! No hard work. No long waits for making appealing strategies effective, because with the SMSs you can target your customers immediately, without any hindrance.


  • Cost Effective

Surprisingly, Mobile SMS marketing in Pakistan is super affordable. A company can start off by investing $10 to $20 on SMS and can get triple profitable results within a matter of time. Unlike other exorbitant expenses that come with marketing, this is the cheapest and most effective way with high ROI.

  • Customer-Friendly

Things related to digital marketing like emails, social media engagement, and messages you receive on your social network’s accounts often get lost in the clutter of other online stuff, which is why a person cares less about them. But if your customer with a phone receives a text message from you, there are hardly any possibilities that he would ignore that message, which makes it a win-win strategy.


  • High ROI

Let’s suppose you’re running a small store of clothing. At the time of checkout, customers leave their mobile numbers with you because they want to hear from you. Your store brings a new discount offer on one of the products, which will provide 20 dollars of profit on each sale. If you are sending your brand’s discount message to 100 customers in 20 dollars, chances are more than 70 of them will read your message and respond to it, which means each customer can profit you with 20 dollars.


  • It is Direct

There is hardly any person who leaves home without their mobile phones in hand. An average person looks at their phone for about 150 times a day, which means it is in our hands around the clock. Rather than meeting face-to-face with your customers, sending emails that often go unread, distributing leaflets that are discarded, or broadcasting your ads that on-aired for a limited time, customers can directly receive SMS within a matter of minutes.


  • It is Eco-Friendly

Unlike direct mails that go to the garbage or emails that somehow end up in spam, SMS is forever green and a carbon-free technique of communicating with your clients. This is why it has minor impact on the carbon footprint, which makes it eco-friendlier than any other means of communication.


  • It builds Brand Loyalty

95% of smart phones have access to SMS capabilities. And surprisingly, three-quarters of smart phone users want loyalty programs to be approachable on their mobile phones. This is why businesses are interested in mobile marketing, because it is the easiest way to engage customers and build brand loyalty by providing them with rewards updates, offers on loyalty programs, and other related account information.


  • It Can Be Tracked

If you want to ensure whether or not SMS marketing campaign is as effective as you’re counting on it, you can always track with simple delivery information from service providers to check if your SMS has been received productively. Some other professional players in SMS marketing can even provide details like when, where, and how someone clicked on your provided links.

No business can evolve without applying possible market strategies for its promotion. There is hardly any aspect in mobile SMS marketing that is less effective than any other marketing strategies. Whether you are starting a business from scratch or are already a competitive business in the market, you can always count on SMS marketing as your savior, because it’s instantaneous and always go easy on the pockets.

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